Charter Copihue

Copihue cruises between the UK, Mediterranean, Caribbean and North America.

Copihue’s home port of  Southampton UK is ideally located for day sailing in the Solent and will provide a privileged view point from which to observe the excitement of the Cowes Regattas.

Corporate days start with a welcome breakfast followed by a short safety briefing, after which we will leave Southampton to sail out into the Solent. Having found a sheltered spot to anchor after a morning sail, we will serve a delicious lunch on board. Alternatively, we can transport you and your guests to a watering hole ashore.

If a brisk sea breeze develops, an exciting afternoon sail will take us back to our berth in Ocean Village Marina, where you can then wind down with a cool drink in the teak lined cockpit before your return home.

Private charter

Should you wish for a couple of days’ relaxed charter on Copihue, the Isle of Wight is a fantastic place to explore. Leisurely sailing by day, followed by a berth in a marina or anchoring out in a little bay overnight, it is a unique and special way to see the island.

A longer charter will allow you to explore further afield- in recent summers we have sailed in Sweden, Norway, France , Spain and Portugal. November will see us crossing the Atlantic for the Caribbean charter season once again, or join us in New York in the summer to sail and explore the coast of beautiful New England.

To find out more about Copihue’s location, charter plans and prices please email

See also  ‘Latest News’ page for Copihue’s current location.